The Secret of

the Crowd

   Thinking about the subway as a space that causes curiosity for others and which leads to a way of acting, to join this social space with the way I look to the other through the window glass, was defined the focus of my visual ethnography.


     The way you look and the idea they have of the city is dependent of our experiences, links and relationships with things, people, places and non-places (Marc-Augé).


   That is, the mental representation that each individual creates of the city is established by the addition of individual and collective, social, cultural and political. The contact with the crowd on the subway, which is a symbol of supermodernity and a passing environment, does not create or historical relationship or identity, or relational, what makes the space a non-place.

   Therefore, in society has a pre-established code of conduct that guides our attitudes and behaviors in certain environments.


    The photo project is to capture the representation of me (Erving Goffman), which in the subway, paralyzes the exercise of seeing and leads to an individual consciousness through the book, cellphone, or just not looking.


    This is about encoding of the look in a temporary space, which is the subway, and how it gives that strategy as sociability expression.

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